Friday Mar 05

Looking Forward

Looking Forward -- A Special Feature

Editor’s Note:  As the interminable election season came to a close, draining us all to the dregs by President Trump’s slow walk and banshee whine as he exits, stage far, wacky right, the various papers and networks coalesced to finally state the obvious:  Joe Biden was elected president.  Social Policy took that moment to reach out close to our deadline and ask more than one-hundred academics, activists, organizers, union leaders, friends, contributors, subscribers, and others, “What Should the Biden Administration Do?”  We asked for contributions that would range from a few words or sentences to no more than 500 words.  In the main, with only a few exceptions all of the priorities for Biden came in under the limit and under the wire for our deadline.  We think you will find them on point, challenging, aspirational, thoughtful, and even somewhat desperate, but taken together, a good road map that the administration would serve us well to heed. 

We like to believe that Social Policy provides a platform for many voices and ideas.  Here they are front and center! 

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