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Fall 2022

List of articles in category Fall 2022
Title Author Hits
Election Maintenance is Either Suppression or Protection Written by The Voter Purge Project* Hits: 296
PUBLISHER'S NOTE – 52.3 Written by SP Editor Hits: 350
REMAKING AMERICAN DEMOCRACY II:  A Groundplan for the Demos to Gain Public Powers Written by Moshe ben Asher, Ph.D. & Khulda Bat Sarah Hits: 201
EXCERPT: We Need Cash and Care Written by Tessa Hochfeld Hits: 201
EXCERPT: It Takes a Community to Save Education for All Written by SP Editor Hits: 212
Economically Secure People Do Not Care So Much About Being “Replaced” Written by Bruce T. Boccardy Hits: 280
EXCERPT - Accommodate or Abolish: Strategies to Confront Urban Neoliberalism Written by David Forrest Hits: 367
EXCERPT: Confronting a Racist/Sexist Chief Steward Written by John Melrod Hits: 294
BOOK REVIEW: An Autobiography of A Red Priest During World War II Written by Toby Terrar Hits: 249
BOOK REVIEW: Organizing Stories That Inspire and Make You Think Written by Mike Miller Hits: 227

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