Tuesday Apr 07

A Special Note from the Publisher: A Fighting Voice Past Fifty: Social Policy Looks Back and Pushes Forward

There’s no reason that you would notice, but we can’t help but be reminded every time we put an issue of Social Policy to bed. In your hands is Winter, Volume 49, Number 4.

The next issue will mark our fiftieth year of publishing.

That’s a long time, friends.

The journal began with Frank Reisman of Columbia University in 1970 as the publisher and editor. From the beginning it has always been a must read for academics, activists, and organizers who were trying to push the envelope from the streets to the academy to social policy. I can remember how proud and excited I was writing about ACORN for the journal in the early 1970s! Publishing and editing the journal for the last fifteen years has been both an honor and a form of stewardship. We’ll talk a lot about this over the next year as we commemorate and celebrate the last fifty years and look towards the next fifty.

We hope to do some small things at the same time we continue to stay the course during 2020 in what could be a watershed year on many fronts, both globally and certainly domestically in the United States as well. We’ll go back through our haphazardly collected archives and share some of the seminal pieces that have made Social Policy a continuing must read. We’ll ask some long-time contributors to share thoughts on their perspective on the past and future.

Now we’re asking you for any ideas you might have for how best we mark fifty years. Our book reviewer was amazed when he mentioned doing reviews next year on the most influential books of the last fifty years and woke up the next morning to 100 responses overnight. Where have we been that meant the most to you? Where do you most want us to go in the future? Let us know your thoughts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Most importantly, stay with us on this adventure. We see ourselves as part of your community, and you as part of ours. We share our struggles together. We couldn’t have made it this far without you, and we certainly don’t want to face the future without you as well.

Fifty is just a number. The fight is forever.

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